Errata for Fretboard Positions Diagram

 E R R A T A 


October 23, 2014  In the Chapter on The Major and Minor Scales, there's a tablature that shows an example of playing all twelve Major Scales near the 5th fret. Within the sentence immediately before the tablature, "ending with the D Position in the Key of G# Major" should say "ending with the E Position in the Key of G# Major".


June 11, 2014 This isn't an error, but an answer to a question that may come up: Why is the A Position the only Position to have square alternate notes shown below the Main scale pattern round colored notes? The answer is that I wanted to include all seven of the well-known "three notes on a string" scale patterns in the Fretboard Positions Diagram where they would group closely with the five Main scale patterns. I thought that the best balance came by placing two of the "three notes on a string" patterns into the A Position and two into the E Position. So the green square note on the low E string in the A Position was shown for the lowest note of the "three notes on a string" scale pattern that starts on the fourth degree of the major scale, and the square red note on the B string and green square note on the high E string were shown since they were easily-played alternate notes near the Main pattern that could be used to venture outside of the usual patterns if desired.


June 10, 2014  In the Solos and Improvising section, looking at the Chord Types and Mode Choices illustration, the Dm7 chord shows a number of compatible modes. The last mode shown is the D Locrian Pentatonic followed by a comma. The comma seems to indicate that more modes should be listed after it, but it's actually a typo that doesn't belong there. The D Locrian Pentatonic is the end of the list of modes for the Dm7 chord. This was corrected in the pdf version that's sold on my website.


June 6, 2014  In the Harmonic and Melodic Minor Scales section, the second paragraph has a typo in the sentence "As seen in the above illustrations, the Intervals of the three scales are a different for the 6th and 7th Degrees". The "a" should be removed so that the sentence reads properly.


May 21, 2014  In the Chords section, the Chord Degrees illustration has an error in the "Color on Diagram" column. In the fourth line from the top, bOrange should be changed to bYellow to correct the color for the b3 (flat third) Chord Degree.

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