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November 19, 2013




My hope in starting this website and blog is to make updates and new insights available and respond to questions or concerns of anyone who has interest in my book, Fretboard Positions Diagram. The website has free sample pages from the book and a store to point the way to buying the paperback, eBook, and pdf versions. Also, I'm planning to have some videos put together before too long to expand on some of the concepts in the book.

The first thing I would like to say in this blog is that I gave a lot of thought into naming the book, but I understand how the name sounds like it could be a single diagram instead of a book with over 200 pages. The title could have been something like Simplify The Guitar In Five Fretboard Positions, but I thought it implied that the book is only about CAGED, which isn't the case.

The central feature is the Fretboard Positions Diagram, which is a letter-sized illustration of five guitar fretboards, each of which shows a position having 6 to 8 fret spans. A position has fingering patterns that contain the Major and Minor Scales and their Modes, the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales and their Modes, the Chords, and the Intervals. The notes in the fingering patterns have colors and symbols to represent their meanings. By learning these five positions of fingering patterns in one key, you'll then have the ability to play in other keys by moving the positions to the proper frets. So I named the book after this central feature and hope it implies that learning one small diagram is all that's necessary to play any of the above musical principles in any key anywhere on the guitar fretboard.

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