Fretboard Positions Diagram: A Guitar Fretboard Unscrambler by Marc Scheffel is a book for guitarists who will find this useful in figuring out how to play the Major and Minor scales, to build chords, and to make and identify the Intervals using a single diagram. The book guides you with its Fretboard Position Diagrams to play the guitar properly. The diagrams demonstrate the main Chords, Modes, Scales, and Intervals. It shows the reader the relationship between each other. The illustrations help the reader to learn and remember them easily. There is a good collection of Reference Diagrams for each of the 84 Modes of the Major Keys.  The book is a very useful and informative guide for music lovers, especially guitarists. The author has covered everything in detail and the book can be used as a guide or a reference book while learning. The logical patterns of the fretboard will help guitarists to play a solo or chords all over the guitar neck. It is a powerful visualization chart too for beginners and by learning the notes on the fretboard, a guitarist can easily play the chords and notes.The basic requirements for tuning and how the strings are numbered can be understood by reading this book. The book is an excellent guide and gives a good insight into music to beginners of guitar music and all musicians. This book has everything that you need to know about music and musical insights.” - Mamta Madhavan

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